Look at the Bees - Book by Joe Rukin

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Compiled by Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin, looks at the Bees has over 200 pages crammed with 3,000 of the most memorable and thought provoking quotes over the ages.

“Look at the Bees” was originally made to provoke thought, solely for a readership of one. To that end it was a 100% failure, or as the pessimists would have it, a 0% success! But then I thought, why waste all that work on one ungrateful person? I’m sure there are lots of other ungrateful people out there just waiting for their chance not to read it! The idea was of a collection of quotes to make you think about life, the world around you and the fact that those choices make that, or this, world. As a species we’re going to have to stop making excuses for being shitty to each other and find a way of working together at some point and that process starts with you. The way the world is today, that optimist in all of us gets battered down all too easily, the same way our thinker gets distracted by what’s not important. Some people may have lost their way in this world, but what hardly any of us realise is that our way is this world. Every choice we make... More > reflects what is around us, so choose life.